Get the Boho-chic look from Seafolly. Presented by our Spanish models: Kristina Vidaña and Anna Camps. Flaunting one of our Seafolly fave’s – the Soundwave print with a tagger bomber bag. 

These truly unexpected colours collide to create a daring zigzag illusion which work much better than the real thing by Missoni. No disrespect intended (we love Missoni too) it’s just that it’s hard to get this fluo colour results in yarn died fabrics.


The advantage of piece printed fabrics is that fluo blends like this fanta-bulous pink and melon colours with rich aqua and violet incursions… Perfectly combine with all sorts of other colours! Particularly with shades of purple, reds and black – so that you can mix and match it with your favourite Seafolly or tagger mini-bag as we’ve done here.


Definitely a “must have”. It will protect all of your mobile devices given its neoprene sleeves – designed for a perfect iPad fit!

So there you have it, whether you’re bike strolling to the beach or on a chaise longue in Ibiza – keep your belongings safe at all times! Don’t you just love the loop straps with its contrast button down tab? Of course you do. Like us, you’re totally into value for money. That’s why we bring you more detailing and product features with each new season.

At Showroom 360 Iberia, it’s all about giving more to our end consumers. So don’t leave home without your Seafolly cossie and Tagger Bag 😉

Written by: Showroom 360 Iberia Team
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